With the holiday season just around the corner, you may find yourself struggling with upcoming family get togethers, work parties or events.  No matter what the celebration, many people are faced with navigating through the food temptations that could derail us from our ultimate Health Goal!

                               Here is a three step approach to help

                        you prepare for an upcoming holiday event:

1 -  Identify a specific concern or potential struggle you will face this holiday season.

Is it Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family?  An upcoming holiday dinner event at work? Or a cookie exchange or bake sale at school with the kids?  Pick one event you want to focus on!

2 - Visualize the event or situation.  Think through each specific step of the event.  What happens when you first arrive?  Who will be there? What do you see and smell? What happens next? Work through the entire event, include all the little details.

3 - Once you've thoughtthrough your event, highlight specific challenges you are most concerned about.  Develop a plan for addressing those challenges. Think of ways you can overcome them and commit to one or two that you think will work best for you.

                                     Here are a few strategies that many people

                                          have found to be helpful:


1 - Continue to eat small meals through out the day so overeating later is less likely.  If you are on the program Do Not miss any fuelings.  Saving your fuel for later at the event will be detrimental to your health goal. 

2 - Bring a PCMR with you just in case the event does not have anything balanced.

3 - If its a pot luck, bring something that is balanced.

4 - Schedule a little exercise earlier in the day so you don't skip your habit of motion and so you feel in control for the rest of the day.

5 - Dress to impress.  Wear something that makes you feel amazing in so you are beaming with confidence!

6 - Think Lean & Green Meal.  Focus on grilled, broiled, baked or steamed protein and non-starchy vegetables.  Keep sauces, gravies and condiments off to the side. They contain high sugar and empty calories.

7 - Drink water or stick with calorie-free beverages such as diet soda, sparkling water, unsweetened tea or coffee.  Seltzer water mixed with a strawberry flavor infuser makes a delicious treat.  Enjoy it in a wine glass for a little extra pizazz..


1 - Take time for yourself!  Set aside some alone time to relax.  Get some exercise in, to help combat the stress - tale walk or do some yoga.

2 - When time gets tight, make sure you have plenty of your favorite PCMR's within easy reach so you don't skimp on nutrition.

3 - If you are given a food basket that hasn't been opened, donate it to a food shelter.

4 - If leftovers are Lean and Green appropriate, package them in single serving containers and freeze them for later.  

5 - Send any leftovers home with your guests when possible.


1 - Dress comfortably and wear sneakers to pick up the pace!

2 - Use a pedometer to track your steps and motivate yourself to add more.

3 - DON'T go hungry!

4 - Stay HYDRATED! Bring a bottle of water, helps keep you feeling full.

5 - Bring along sugar-free chewing gum, cut up celery sticks or other healthy snack options.

6 - Exercise while waiting in line. Ex. Calf raises, tummy tucks or butt tucks.

7 - Avoiding the food court is the safest, however some food courts have Lean and Green options. Look carefully!

Remember Weigh Loss is a Journey!  If you slip up with an occasional treat, this will not ruin your chances of long term weight-management success.  Keep a positive attitude, this goes a long way!  Develop a plan, write down your feelings, goals and barriers. Read it from time to time. This may be just what you need to get through the Holiday Season!

Gearing up for the Holidays


Alan is a computer analyst and travels all over the globe and has lost 107 pounds.  Cheryl works in Fashion Design and has lost over 35 pounds.  They have both continued to maintain their weight loss by living the "Habits of Health" for the over 3 years.

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