7. I hate doctors. Doctors make me nervous. Dr. Dinoff makes me laugh. He is a funny guy. Hey! He isn’t a bad doctor either. Just ask my neck or my shoulder. They sure use to hurt; now they don’t. Evidently he knows what to do. Pass it on.

Ron Brown
Marietta, GA.

8. When I first came to Dr. Dinoff, I had severe pain in my lower back and down my right leg. It was so bad I could not sleep or maintain any physical activities. I did not know that much about chiropractic services and wasn’t a believer. Within a few treatments Dr. Dinoff brought me back to health. It was a miracle! He helped me tremendously, now I am a true believer. Dr. Dinoff is a very special person; he always has a smile on his face and has the greatest personality. He takes pride in his work. There is no one more special than my hero Dr. Dinoff, who is also my friend. He is the Best!

Tina Childens
Acworth, GA.

9. Before seeing a Chiropractor I had a lot of tightness in my neck and shoulders, which gave me a lot of headaches. Since I have been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments the tightness in my neck and shoulders is almost nil and so are my headaches. Also as an added bonus my sinus problems have cleared up approximately 90%. I have a lot of medication I haven’t had to take.

Leo Mesley
Acworth, GA.

10. Before I came to Dr. Dinoff, I was hurting really bad. My lower back hurt all the time, my left hip was messed up, my left shoulder hurt very bad, and the back of my neck hurt. I wasn’t moving around very much at all. Thanks to chiropractic, I feel no pain and I am feeling great. I’m moving around a lot better than I have in a long time. Thank you Dr. Dinoff for everything!

Joyce Stevenson
Marietta, GA.

11. I Edward L, wish to express my extreme gratitude to Dr. Dinoff for helping me overcome various problems with my health. I came to Dr. Dinoff with neck problems and an injured knee. After a few short visits I can walk, run, and jump. Also my neck has increased range of motion and those afternoon headaches are nonexistent. Thanks Dr. Dinoff for a job well done.

Edward Lemon
Acworth, GA.

12. I am pleased to write that Dr. Joel found a life-threatening problem I didn't know I had and by doing so he saved my life. I have had surgery to correct the problem and I am doing fine now.

James Plemons
Cartersville, GA.

Note from Dr. Dinoff:
Mr. Plemons is referring to an artificial artery stemming from his heart which I found had pulled loose from his heart. Mr. Plemons was told that had he not gone to his heart doctor immediately, when I  recommended it, he probably would have died. Chiropractic Examinations can solve many medical problems!

13. Before I came here I would get a migraine headache everyday. Now thanks to Dr. Dinoff and his chiropractic ability I have not had a headache since. As their sign on the door says “Enter here to get well!”

Cynthia Gilbenson
Acworth, GA.

14. Prior to considering Chiropractic Care, I suffered from severe headaches and sinus problems. For years, I chose to make it and everyday part of my life. Finally, I got tired of taking aspirin and other medications to mask the pain. I chose to fix the cause and not the effect. That’s what Chiropractic does for you! I can’t preach Chiropractic too much to anyone with a history similar to my past. No doubt about it, Dr. Dinoff is a health giver!

Chris Gonder
Acworth, GA.

15. I came to see Dr. Dinoff one week ago because of severe pain in my lower back. I could hardly walk. I work as a custodian at a tech school which is at times hard physical labor. And now I am pain free.

Pauletta Mathley
Acworth, GA.

16. I thoroughly believe had it not been for Dr. Dinoff I would not be able to walk today. I would be in the bed. I was pain free last night for the first time in weeks. Since I started treatment each day I could tell improvement. Thanks Dr. Dinoff!

Judy Mcpherson
Acworth, GA.

17. I Lodi Horn, wish to tell you my story. I had never been to chiropractor before this year, and lived in pain most of my life. I had been told by several doctors that the pain would come and go, since nothing could repair pinched nerves, short of surgery. I was always afraid of Chiropractic because in my mind, moving bones from where they had settled was dangerous. Boy, was I wrong.

Since coming to Dr. Dinoff, I am 95% out of pain and feeling so much better about myself. Dr. Dinoff has given me a new outlook on life, and so much more. Just think, a few months ago I had no idea what Chiropractic could do for a person, now I know just how great it is. I truly believe Chiropractic should be tried either before seeking another opinion, or when something else does not work.

I love what Dr. Dinoff has done for me so much, I have to come to work for him. I know he can help you too. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Llyodean F. Horn
Acworth, GA.

18. On Monday I came to Dr. Dinoff with terrible head and neck pains, along with a bad sinus infection. All of this discomfort caused me to be depressed. I continued to see Dr. Dinoff everyday, after about the fifth day my infected glands that caused the sinus infection had cleared up and my head and neck pains have gradually decreased. I feel like a new person. I am now a regular patient of Dr. Dinoffs. God Bless him!

Rachel Parrats
Acworth, GA.

19. I have been having lower back pain since I had a ruptured disc removed in 1978. Nothing I did would relieve the pain for long. For all these years I have been miserable. In just a very short time I can say I have no pain. I only wish I hadn't waited so long.

Joy Thaxton
Acworth, GA.

20. Dr. Dinoff and his staff are the greatest! I crawled in their door, and the concern, with the treatment I have received, has brought to me a normal healthy feeling again. I am retired from the military and Emory university Hospital. No doctor, or staff has shown the interest in their patients as Dr. Dinoff and his staff. I will always recommend then to everyone needing their services.

Jesse M. Taylor
Marietta, GA.

21. In 1989 I slipped and fell, hurting my back. I went through surgery, epidural blocks and nothing helped. I just about got to where I couldn't walk, I couldn't get out of bed by myself, I couldn't roll over in bed by myself. After 3 weeks with Dr. Dinoff I'm a new person. No Pain, I can do most anything. I never thought I'd be normal again, but I feel 15 years younger. THANK-YOU DR. SOFTY!

Myra Stewart
Acworth, GA.

22. On Friday January 21st, I was very ill all day at work due to a head cold. When I arrived to see Dr. Dinoff I couldn't breathe through my nose at all! After my adjustment I was breathing freely again!

Cindy Sneddon
Marietta, GA.

23. I have been seeing Dr. Joel for approximately a year. I had just got out of the hospital after having a severe asthma attack. I also had leg and arm weakness as well. I now only need half the medicine that was prescribed and I'm working on stopping it all together. My leg and arm weakness is entirely gone and I feel great. Thank You!

Margaret Arnold
Kennesaw, GA.

24. I never believed in Chiropractic until I came to Dr. Joel. I had headaches all the time. After coming to Dr. Joel, after one week I don't have headaches and I'm not stiff anymore. Thank You very much,

Barbara Stockey
Woodstock, GA.

25. Before I came to see Dr. Dinoff I was suffering from neck and lower back pain and muscle weakness in my left arm. After four months of treatment my arm is stronger, I'm out of pain and I sleep 100% better at night. Thank You Dr. Dinoff.

Molly McDonald
Dallas, GA.

26. When I first started seeing Dr. Joel my neck, back and shoulders were out of adjustment due to a bad fall. I also had loss of feeling and strength in my right arm and severe sinus headaches. After four weeks the headaches are gone as is most of the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders and back. There has been a great renewal of strength in my arm. I'm feeling great! Thank You Dr. Joel

Dawn Denhart
Acworth, GA.

27. Before I came to Dr. Dinoff, I had headaches for two years. Then I started seeing Dr. Joel and my headaches were gone in a few days. Thank You Dr. Dinoff!

Michael Mathley
Kennesaw, GA.

28. I came to Dr. Dinoff with mid-back pain which had persisted for about a week. To my surprise and relief Dr. Dinoff had relieved me of my back pain with just a few adjustments. On one of the adjustments I casually and laughingly asked if he could do anything for cramps (menstrual). With a different adjustment he relieved me of my cramps not only for that day but for the duration of the cycle. I have been helped so much by Dr. Dinoff.

My husband, Bob, must have seen the change and results because he is a patient also. Let's put it this way - I only had to ask once if he would like to come with me on the day of his first visit! Dr. Dinoff is also very concerned with all aspects of my health. I have diabetes and he is always asking what my blood sugar is. He always encourages me to keep up my exercise. Dr. Dinoff and staff are caring, wonderful health professionals and I'm glad they came into my life!

Carol Kidd
Acworth, GA.

29. Prior to considering Chiropractic care I suffered from severe headaches, sinus problems, and eye trouble. For years, I just chose to make it an everyday part of my life. Finally, I got tired of taking aspirins and other medications to disguise the pain. I chose to fix the cause and not the effect. That's what chiropractic does for you! I can't preach chiropractic too much to anyone with a history similar to my past. No doubt about it. Dr. Dinoff is a health giver!

Cheryl Fader
Marietta, GA.

30. I was involved in an auto accident where my back and neck were injured. Dr. Dinoff's treatments allowed me to sleep pain free and no longer take the codeine I was given at the Emergency Room. I had returned to being a functioning adult in a few months.

Recently I suffered a severe muscle pull and did not think Chiropractic would help a muscle injury. Despite my doubts, I went to Dr. Dinoff. I hobbled slowly into his office. Fifteen minutes later I casually walked out. A subluxation in my hips had caused and was preventing the healing of this painful muscle pull. Instead of being off my feet with a heating pad for 3-4 days, I was back on my feet the same day. Thank You Dr. Dinoff!

James G. Colkitt
Kennesaw, GA.

31. Having worked for years in construction I had sustained several injuries. At the age of 45 I had resigned myself to the fact that I would always have neck and lower back pain as well as severe tension between my shoulder blades. After seeking help from conventional doctors who wanted to prescribe drugs and perform spinal surgery. I quite by accident stopped at Dr. Dinoff's office. Now after one month of treatments I have twice the range of neck movement. I can now wake in the morning and immediately get up with NO Back Pain. And best of all I can actually RELAX again. Thank You Doctor Joel.

Gordon Shoof
Woodstock, GA.

32. I came to see Dr. Dinoff in so much pain. I had already been to orthopedic specialist which just loaded me up with medications. I was on muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and sleeping pills. The doctors already told me the next step would be surgery. I didn't want surgery which would not give be any type of guarantee of a pain free life. Dr. Dinoff told me that in five visits I would feel great and in two visits I would be pain free. I thought that would be miraculous if he could do that. Dr. Dinoff was honest , up front about my treatment plan. He was right, in two visits I was pain free and sleeping through the night for the first time in almost a year of constant pain. After five weeks I am now walking for exercise, hiking with my dog, mowing the yard, painting rooms, and all the other things I thought I would never be doing again. Follow his plan and you will feel wonderful again. It has truly changed my life for the better. I only wish I had come to him sooner. Thank You Dr. Dinoff

Angie Carpenter
Marietta, GA.

33. My husband convinced me to give Chiropractic a try after years of my suffering severe migraine headaches and pains from Fibromyalgia. I think the worst thing about this disease may be the inability to do anything to fight it. I work and try to stay active, but always have the knowledge that I might not be able to carry out my plans because of this illness.

After seeing Dr. Dinoff for a few weeks, I was feeling much better. Then I experienced a major attack impacting all four quadrants with extreme pain. I was having difficulty walking. Dr. Dinoff was able, in one visit, to eliminate all of the pain except a minor ache in the bottom of my foot. He carefully worked and checked progress in that visit to alleviate the pain. That visit was priceless. How much time have I wasted in pain when a visit to Dr. Dinoff could have improved my life? It won't happen again.

Since that visit, I have not had another incident. Much thanks to my husband and to Dr. Dinoff! My heroes!

Carol Cook
Kennesaw, GA.

34. I have Crohn’s Disease, also known as chronic inflammation of the intestines. In English, I have a clogged pipe in my gut which keeps me from eating and digesting food. Also, for us “lucky” ones, Crohn’s makes us a frequent flyer at the local hospitals. Well, I was “lucky,” I spent two years, off and on, in the hospital. After numerous procedures, obscene amounts of medications, and two years of strong narcotics, without getting any better, I knew something had to change. Obviously, my 100-pound pill box was not working. I’m eighteen years old; I should not be taking more medications than my 86-year-old grandmother! At this point, I was in immense pain and barely walking, I had not eaten a proper meal in two years and not digested any food in over two months.

The day I was released from the hospital my mother took me to Dr. Joel Dinoff. I was so weak, my dad had to carry me into the office and lay me down on the therapy bed. The first thing Dr. Dinoff told me was that it will only work if I believe. I was so desperate for answers I believed everything completely. Dr. Dinoff adjusted me and then stood me up. I had not walked on my own in weeks and after one visit I walked right out of there. After only three sessions, I ate my first small meal. B.E.S.T. is such a crazy concept that is very hard to believe, but I was so down on my luck that I would try anything. Well, it worked!! It is now three months later and I am preparing to go to Indiana University in just a few days. The whole summer I worked, partied, and ate just as a normal teenager should. I am no longer afraid to leave my parents and my doctors for strange city. My whole life has changed thanks to Dr. Dinoff; I never thought it was possible.

Leah Antonoff
Marietta, GA.

35. Fortunately, I have grown up most of my life with conventional chiropractic care. I have experienced first hand, the power of the chiropractic adjustment as well as seen things, nothing short of amazing, in the lives of my family and friends. As a result of my own experiences, I am not one to underestimate the power of chiropractic by any means.

One day, a chiropractor friend of mine who was not a BEST practitioner, lent me a CD of Dr. Morter (developer of BEST) because he thought I would find the information interesting. Not only did I find the information intriguing but it inspired me to seek out a BEST practitioner and that is what led me to Dr. Dinoff.

What I saw and experienced under the care of Dr. Dinoff, quite literally blew me away. The gentle nature of the BEST treatment was a new experience for me and left me truly stunned. I couldn’t fathom how a treatment that was so gentle, could be so effective. Each time that I have received a BEST treatment, I have gotten off the table with an incredible sense of wellbeing, energy, and strength. What was intriguing was the significant improvement in the neurological and strength testing that I experienced following my treatments. The results were completely different from my initial tests and quantified my observation and experience to the point where I said, “WOW!”

Thank you Dr. Dinoff!

Greg Russo
Marietta, GA. 


2. Dear Dr Dinoff:

How can I ever thank you for helping me. When I called you I did not know what to expect. I was in so much pain I could not sleep or ride in a car the littlest motion hurt my back that I thought I was having a heart attack and could not even take a deep breath. BUT after one visit I was able to ride home in comfort. It seemed weird because I have gone to Chiropractors before and they basically used machines, cracked my bones and twisted me. You did not seem to really be doing anything but it worked. I really am not sure how but "Bless you" for your talent. Now I can turn in my sleep and go for car rides again. Also thank you for the tools to help me get better. Now I will work on my lower back and am looking forward to great results. Again THANK YOU!!
Jeannette Mayr
Canton, GA

3. In November 2006, I called Dr. Dinoff in sheer panic to ask if he could help my son who was in excruciating pain from an overnight onset of Neuropathy in his legs and feet.

At that point my son, Brett had been suffering for 4 weeks. He had seen every type of doctor and had every kind of test. He was under the care of a child neurologist, who prescribed the right medicine that would eventually help relieve the condition, but he warned us that it was a very long  and slow process (months and months) to that end. In the meantime, because of the excruciating pain, my son could not walk. He was not functioning. He had been out of school for 4 weeks and counting. He was hurting bad...

Dr. Dinoff told us to come in to see him immediately. He met us in the parking lot and escorted us into his office. As Dr. Dinoff always does, he filled us with his optimism and positive thinking. He spent 2.5 hours with Brett using the BEST technique of therapy. He gave Brett the confidence that the pain could be overcome, and that he could start walking again... that day! YES, Dr. Dinoff performed his magic and with non invasive techniques, managed to bring Brett back to his feet that day! Brett WALKED out of Dr. Dinoff’s office. He was not “cured”, and the relief was temporary, but Dr Dinoff had proven to us that this pain management therapy worked. Most importantly, Dr. Dinoff gave us our HOPE back that Brett’s condition could be eventually relieved. Brett continued an intensive schedule of BEST therapy with Dr Dinoff and after about 4 weeks, the schedule was gradually reduced down to 1 per week until the neuropathy was entirely gone. Dr Dinoff’s technique never failed us. Each time Brett was in pain walking into Dr Dinoff’s office, he walked out with the pain relieved.

I admit that I was a skeptic when I first walked in, but Dr. Dinoff has really proven to me that his BEST technique DOES work. Dr. Dinoff has made an incredible difference in our lives!
Cindy Singer
Marietta, GA.

4. I have been a believer in Chiropractic care for about 5 years. I have severe Scoliosis, and with my job, I do a lot of lifting that puts tremendous strain on my back. And being athletically inclined which pulls and strains on my lower back. When I came to see Dr. Joel 2 weeks ago I could barely walk, the pain was almost unbearable, constant and unrelenting. I could not work or do anything athletic. In less than 2 weeks, I am lifting, running, and working. The relief of pain is almost unbelievable.
Keith Ross
Kennesaw, GA.

5. I came to Dr. Joel with a complex head cold. Dr Joel spent time with me and put me in proper adjustment. This was at 10:00 am. By 4:00 pm ALL my sneezy, snuffy and running nose symptoms were gone. THANK YOU! I am a true believer.
Timothy Young
Woodstock, GA.

6. This is a testimonial from a dear patient named Grace. Grace has experienced a severe stroke 6 years ago and has had numerous physical challenges as you can imagine. We are all very proud of Grace for following our recommendations. She has taken back control of her life and her health by diligently working on her Six Essentials of Life! This Testimonial was written in her own handwriting as difficult as that must have been. I am very blessed and honored to have been given the opportunity to assist Grace on her journey. We are all very touched, thankful and grateful to Grace for allowing us to help her, help herself!  

Grace has recently passed on and the book that this is published in sits in our reception area for patients to read.

I’m not very good at writing a letter,
I can do it in verse so much better

Where should I start, how should I convey,
Just what it is I have to say

To say I was in pain, EVERYWHERE
Is no exaggeration, I declare

From my mind to toes, and even an elbow
From hips to waist and down below

What Joel Dinoff as a doctor did next,
Was not some old treatment straight from a text

He used pressure points on my body and then,
Had me count, from one to ten

He has a big sign on the ceiling above that says,
“I Believe” - I put in “In Me, G_D and Love”

I could hardly walk, was in agony
Now I walk straight with my arms flowing free

I’m not done yet there’s fine-tuning to do
If he did it for me, He can do it for you

The confidence I have is the best part of all,
Thanks to Dr Dinoff I can finally walk tall

Because of his zest for life and new ways
I will see much healthier and happier days

Author: Grace Dunnery 10-10-08

Dr. Dinoff's "BEST Technique" not only eliminated my chronic back condition, it also eliminated my anatomical short leg condition; I don’t need a lift in my shoe anymore.My anatomically short leg condition was confirmed by two  different doctors, in two different states, several years apart, and each diagnosis was verified by x-ray.

My understanding of this problem is that my back and short leg condition was the result of a subconsciously stored memory pattern, perhaps from a past injury, accident, or negative experience. Once Dr. Dinoff cleared the high brain interference, my body's Internal Intelligence immediately adapted my physical structure to eliminate my conditions.

As a result, I'm now able to participate in hard physical exercise, eat a more liberal diet, and endure lots of stress without lapsing into that old physical pattern. 

Thanks so much Dr. Dinoff! It's hard to describe how this healing has changed my life and overall well-being.

Skip Emerson
Smyrna, GA.

Testimonials - What Others are Saying about our     B.E.S.T. Wellness Strategy

1. I had a painful chronic back problem (and an anatomically short leg requiring a 9 mm shim in my right shoe) for 30+ years, seeing nearly two dozen chiropractors in 6 different states.

 Of course, I felt great after a good treatment, but the results, at best, were temporal, sometimes lasting no more than a few days.

Any hard physical exercise, stress, or a little too much sugar in my diet would immediately reestablish the exact former pattern. To “feel good” I had to live a very restrictive life, not the life I wanted for myself.

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Dinoff. His method of care addresses the cause of our health problems instead of treating symptoms. He was able to quickly identify and eliminate the cause of my chronic back problem in only 4 visits!