Dr Dinoff is a Certified Injury Prevention Specialist.  He received his certification from Future Industrial Technologists in 1998.  

            What does an Injury Protection Specialist do?

I will first go into different types of companies from manufacturing to distribution to computer and clerical workers and do a preassessment.  I will watch the employees doing their jobs and determine if they are performing in a safe behavior mode or in an at risk behavior mode. After doing the preassessment I put together an obstacle course that puts the employees through their specific job tasks. Prior to taking the employees through the obstacle course specifically designed for them, I will give a 2 hour instructional class to 15-20 employees at a time.

       The Goals of my class are:

1 - Learn the causes of pain, injuries and fatigue

2 - Identify how to prevent pain, injjuries and fatigue

3 - Ensure the employee does not get injured at work or at home. So they go home feeling better at the end of the day.

            By Teaching:

1 - The causes of Accumulated Micro Trauma

2 - Proper Stretching Techniques: specifically tied to their job tasks so they remove the accumulated micro trauma as it builds up. By doing this the body is energized, recharged so at the end of the day the employee is not fatigued.

3 - The 3 Backsafe Rules:

         a - Head Up

         b - Load Close

         c - Nose between the Toes.

                              BACKSAFE  INSTRUCTOR/TRAINER