How many treatments will I need?

The length of time for treatment depends upon what is wrong. Obviously, a simple muscle strain can be corrected more easily than severe back pain that has existed for years. Usually you'll feel some relief after a single BEST
treatment. After the initial treatment, we must look at correcting the underlying cause to restore balance to your body so the pain will not return.

When will I see permanent results?

Again, the answer depends on the problem. Some people suffer from severe dietary distress that can take months to correct. Other people have back pain from a sports injury that may take weeks to treat. Still others can find
permanent results in a matter of three or four visits. Often, our patients are suffering distress from more than one source. However long it takes to correct the problem, all the causes of the distress must be discovered and then
corrected by re-establishing the natural balance of the body.

How can I get well FASTER?

That's an easy answer! We've found that the patients who get well the quickest are the ones who apply the principles they learn from this site and from all available patient training material. 

They take responsibility for their health and well-being while striving to learn more about the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. Since we'll be working TOGETHER to get to the cause 

of your problem, much more can be accomplished if you understand "how" and "what" we're trying to bring about. 

BEST has a rich lifestyle philosophy that helps you manage your

health situation by explaining the importance of the CHOICES

you make every day. These CHOICES aren’t always easy to

integrate since we're creatures of habit, but the areas that you

do decide to improve will cause a proportional change in your
health. You can CHOOSE your level of health. It's up to you.
Each day we make six crucial CHOICES (called The Six Essentials)

that impact the health and well being of our tomorrow.

With each CHOICE we make in these six areas of our
lives, we decide to be healthy or sick. These six CHOICES

work synergistically with what we’re doing with the BEST treatments.


This page was a quick overview of the steps we'll take to get you out of pain and on the path to wellness. Each page of this website builds on these initial concepts, so that layer by layer you can take ownership of these health and
wellness principles. If you understand our BEST philosophy, you are going to get better results in a shorter period of time at much less cost.  

Do you want that?
Then read on... As you’ll learn, it’s important to become involved in your own healthcare.!




                  Disease Prevention




The path toward permanent relief must include finding the actual cause of the pain and distress. Often, the actual cause is not obvious because pain can be located in one part of the body while the cause may be located in other parts of the body.

​Most forms of pain come from negative stress and there are three kinds of negative stress:

                                                            *TRAUMA - Physical stress or injury

                                                            *TOXICITY - Dietary or environmental stress or injury

                                                            *THOUGHTS - Usually negative attitudes and feelings

What happens is the stress from injury, poor diet, or negative thoughts, hinders the information flow throughout your body causing an imbalance. We find and remove the imbalance by using BEST, which

is a neurological and energy balancing technique. In all cases, the actual cause of pain and distress must

be identified and corrected or your symptoms could return.



 This most important step addresses the immediate distress that you're feeling, which means find the cause of it and achieve relief.

Pain isn't fun but it's necessary. It's how your subconscious mind (which governs your body) communicates to your conscious mind that something is wrong so you'll look into correcting the cause of the pain, and so you'll guard the area that is injured.

Taking the First step to Pain Relief             and Permanent Good Health! 

Thanks for visiting! By doing so, you've just taken the first step in turning your health toward wellness.

You're probably experiencing some pain, or know that something's not right. Whatever it is, we're here to help and we'll start by explaining the five steps we'll take to get you out of pain as fast as possible and onto the road to recovery.

That's our goal and the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (abr. BEST) is uniquely capable of addressing core health issues and works synergistically with all other forms of healthcare.



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This page was adapted and expanded from these resources:

The Five Steps to Health DVD (Morter HealthSystem)

The Five Steps to Health Document (Morter HealthSystem)

Evening with the Doctor, By Dr. Scott Cooper

 Now that pain has been relieved, the causes corrected, and we have learned how to live and think healthy, we are prepared to stay healthy. However, this does not occur automatically.

We must always be alert to the fact that it is easy to go back to old habits and living patterns. But because we have taken the correct steps, we are now ready to stay healthy and achieve the benefits of permanent good health and wellness.

Our bodies operate as a whole, which means that what affects our physical condition changes our attitudes and feelings. At the same time, the way we feel and think affects our body. When we learn to think healthy as well as live healthy, we address the whole person and this prepares us for Step Five.


                 Mind - Body Medicine               



 Our objective is to help you find and remove the cause of your health problem so that your health can return naturally without drugs or surgery.

Then we'll discuss how the CHOICES you make every day can keep you healthy. You get to choose your level of health.

Once the cause of distress and pain has been discovered and corrected, the lifestyle habits that caused the symptoms must be addressed.

This may involve dietary and physical exercise changes so you can achieve the benefits that result from healthy living. These changes should be made gradually.