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Dinoff Family Chiropractic

Healthy Wellness, Weightloss Center

A Holistic Wellness Center

We believe that illness and wellness exist on a continuum. As you move toward one, you move away from the other.Our goal is to help you change paths to wellness; to invite wellness back into your life. We believe that wellness is more

than just biological health – it is psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, too! To express wellness in the WHOLE of you, you must live 

well in each of these dimensions simultaneously. Wellness   is the jubilant unifying expression of vitality in every area of your life; it restores your ability to LIVE with joy, strength, and skill. Our wellness care and protective strategies provide

you with an affordable way to restore your

vitality, quality, and the longevity of life you desire. 

  Auto Accidents                        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  Work Accidents                      Sports injuries: Tennis Elbow

  Neck & Back Pain                   Arthritis

  Sciatica                                        Weight Control Management

  Headaches & Migraines       Nutritional Counseling

  Neuropathy                              Depression

             What are some of the 


           we can help you with?

        We are a mind-body wellness center serving Marietta,

         Acworth, Cartersville, Kennesaw, and Woodstock, Georgia since

        1988. Dr. Dinoff is a holistic chiropractor who promotes a holistic 

        lifestyle based plan for getting you out of pain and on the path

        to restored health, vitality, and wellness! 


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2 - Why Get Regular Checkups

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4 - The 5 Steps to Health

5 - Nervous System Functions

6 - Energy Syste​ms

7 - Memory Patterns

8 - Your 6 Essentials of Life

9 - Steps to Forgiveness